vodkaHomemade flavored vodka is so easy to make and well worth the little effort. You can make just about any flavor you can imagine – my personal favoritesvodka2 are vanilla, raspberry, and rosemary. Just take a mason jar, fill it with your choice of premium vodka (I use Ketel One), add your infusion ingredients, seal and place in a cool, dark place. Every few days shake the jar and taste your infusion to see how it’s coming along. Some ingredients take longer to infuse than others. Stronger-flavored ingredients like rosemary only take 2-3 days. Vanilla beans take about a week and raspberries take 1-2 weeks. When your vodka has reached a desired flavor level, strain the ingredients out and re-jar. You can now keep it in the refrigerator almost indefinitely, but I guarantee it won’t last long! Just mix with club soda, fresh lemon or lime, and enjoy!