About my blog:

penthouse kitchen is located on the sixth and top floor of a NYC walk-up building. This blog is dedicated to all the home cooks out there, as everything you see on this blog was made and photographed by me in my tiny “penthouse” apartment. I try to cook  with ingredients as seasonally and locally grown as possible. I truly believe the best meals are the ones made at home, whether you are cooking for just yourself or for friends and family.

About me:

I am a food obsessed, type-a, amateur photographer, deeply neurotic, Howard Stern addict, chocoholic, NYY fanatic, totally weird, music junkie, summer lovin’, self-trained-home-cook. Oh, and my name is Kendall.


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love this idea and blog. Beautiful photos!!! xo Cindi (Mullins)

  2. how cool kendall!! Love this….Lauren D

  3. Sooo awesome, Kendall!!! Congrats 🙂

  4. Beautiful photography!!

  5. Fab little blog you have here,girl! How about a photo of your herb garden from summer?

  6. Kendall I love that your doing this!!! Everything looks extremely tasty.

  7. Kendall, just LOVE seeing a new post from PHK, everything not only looks
    good, but taste delicious! Keep networking . . . .

  8. Love your blog!! And look, you golf too!

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